Hey! Welcome to my page Cook Kitchen! I’m just a 30-something who loves a good kitchen tool, home decor, and finding the best deals on Amazon. So I thought, why not combine them!

Cool Kitchen is an online magazine and shop dedicated to finding the best kitchen appliances and tools that Amazon has to offer. Take a look at fun and helpful and fun blog posts on kitchen trends, colorful and useful kitchen appliances, and more cooking magic, or browse hundreds of items.

How This Site Works

I know you are wondering, how does this site work, and what does ‘add to cart’ actually do…. I don’t know you, I’m not giving you my info. That’s OK! This site is essentially a giant ‘wishlist’ for Amazon. So when you add it to your cart on this page, it will take you to a ‘cart’ page.

When you hit ‘CHECKOUT’ it will simply re-direct you to Amazon where it will ask if you want to add those items to your Amazon cart. From there you can actually checkout on Amazon or move them to your ‘save for later’ area.

But at no time do you have to give me your payment info! You don’t even have to give me your personal info unless you want to create an account for keeping your ‘cart’ items or ‘wishlist’ saved.

Some of MY Personal Faves!

Here are just some of my own personal favorite tools I have in my house! Now, I do live in a house built in the 60’s, so my major appliances are in much need for replacement, but here are my smaller home faves…. can you tell my home colors?? HAHA!

Cool Kitchen Appliances
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